18 Pranešimai “Skrajojančio Olando mįslė”

  1. kazkas parašė:

    geras. dar sakoma kad jis yra blogas zenklas.

  2. B.D. parašė:

    nrml biski ;D

  3. FallenAngel parašė:

    visai tikiu 🙂

  4. as parašė:

    sliuxos vaidenasi ir dvesta jie be sexo.

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  6. Karolina parašė:

    As ir maciau!!!!Juk per Karibus piratus rode!!!!:DDDDD
    Dabar bln juk Wiljamas Terneris juo plaukiioja…:DDDDD
    Mausiai nu….:DDDDDDDD

  7. СКУЧНО parašė:

    Ne nu vapse zmones prota pamete 😀

  8. ssss parašė:

    Jooo idomus straipsnis…

  9. mike parašė:

    tiketi tikiu

  10. Astronautasx parašė:

    paziurekit karibu piratus, ten rodo apie skarojanti olanda.. 🙂

  11. Anonimas parašė:

    „kempiniukas placiakelnis“ animaciniam filmuke irgi daznai ji rodo, bet tai nereiskia kad jei netikit tai reik derktis dabar cia.. juk cia tiesiog legenda…

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    • Kimberly parašė:

      Election disputes hapepn ! ODM propaganda would have us believe that it is because kibaki was declared the winner that we have riots Let me remind you all that riots in kisumu and kibera began well before kibaki was elected . Riots broke out because the electoral commission was taking longer than expected to announce the winner Kivuitu explained that they were verifying what they had received but odm insisted that results be announced so save us the propaganda Are this the first disputed election in kenya or the world ? Did kenyans loot and burn houses in 92 or do other countries with disputes do the same ? ODM had planned and organized this all along so as to bring us to where we are today This riots were well planned so that raila can have his orange revolution .1.ODM had a determined effort to decide that any result that did not have them winning both State House and Parliament had been arrived at by a nefarious rigging scheme. This crusade was so determined and nothing it seems was too large a stretch for it. 2.The idea, that ODM already had the election sewn up and that the government was planning to rig it out of its legitimate victory was repeated so often, and given such prominence by the ODM friendly East African Standard, and the party’s top officials that it was accepted in many quarters as truth. 3.These and other odm fantasies,were reported unhindered by a media that has totally abdicated its role as public watchman.4.These imaginings were and continue to be a political ploy, straight out of the perpetual victim philosophy that has caused Raila the candidate to repeatedly allege that the State had hired assassins to finish him off. So should we pay him any mind? Yes, Raila’s cries must not be ignored because they influence many Kenyans perception and are from his lips a powerful cudgel, as dishonest and irritating as they may be. 5.It is clear what the ODM parties are trying to do. Their employment of the talents of American spin master d. Morris evinced this desire to win at all costs, fair or foul and it is a strategy that Kenya is paying for today . **** Morris, for those Kenyans who may have forgotten is particularly famous for his involvement in the ‘revolution’ of the Ukraine where his strategy was to flood the streets with flag-carrying protesters after the election, thereby creating the perception of a defeated government that had rigged itself back into office. Just like in the Ukraine, it is clear that in Kenya, an opposition win is the desired result for both the British and European governments. These governments then went on to underwrite the sustained effort of the demonstrations and its international portrayal as a display of democratic will, against an unpopular government never mind that half the country supported the incumbent. The international media are already being alerted to the role they will be required to play in this coup, a make-believe spontaneous ‘Orange Revolution’ coming to our streets if Raila and his shadowy allies are not pleased with the election result

    • Van Der Dekenas parašė:

      Niekada negali būti visiškai tuo tikras…

    • Lalux parašė:

      Gal kita karta rasyk normalia kalba ir maziau

  13. Lalux parašė:

    Keista..Net nežinai tikėt tuo ar ne…