3 Pranešimai “Vaiduokliai lėktuvuose”

  1. exlibrisas parašė:

    Per kažkatrą Mayday: Air Crash investigation seriją buvo apie tai pasakojama.

    • Novi parašė:

      Hi Lisa! Sorry to hear about the wind being taken out of your sails. Whatever the security thaert was, it must’ve been a very trying time. Like everyone else posting, I’m happy to see all is well now.You have accomplished so much, and now a 10 mile run/jog/walk/drag? I’m so impressed. Mostly I think you and Gino are so devoted to each other and that’s the most important thing in the world.QVC is going down the tubes without you. The new talent doesn’t and never will hold a candle to you. Any chance you’ll pull a Jane and return?

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