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  1. Zenilda parašė:

    I’m not at all sure that rankings wihotut winners is actually what draws such scorn for U-Multirank. Many, if not most higher education analysts embrace multi-dimensional measurement. I have only the 2010 version of the U-Multirank questionnaire, but it includes such clunkers as Please describe the specific profile of your institution in Business with regard to teaching & learning (max. 600 characters). , and asks for a count of Professors in the department Business offering lectures abroad . I’m glad to know your role was very minor, but please tell me that the smartest people in all of higher education were not actually involved in the questionnaire design.Yes, we need a multi-dimensional approach to measuring quality, but with U-Multirank we’re off to the worst possible start.

  2. Deimantė parašė:

    Labai įdomu + aš būdama stovykloje vaidinau šiame spektaklyje

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