3 Pranešimai “Airijos žvejai nufilmavo dar vieną Lochneso pabaisą?”

  1. MisterisMr parašė:

    gal nori pasirodyt stilingai 😀

    • kalakutas parašė:

      daskaitykit iki galo kadanors vaikai jus. “Valtyje aš esu su kostiumo todėl, kad filmavome filmą “Žvejyba su David Lynch”, todėl aš vilkiu tokį patį kostiumą kaip ir David Lynch”

    • Jake parašė:

      14th October 2011 at I’ve heard of feng shui, but I’ve never really foewolld it before. (Actually, I had to scroll up to find the actual spelling of the word, haha. :b I can’t even spell it.) It sounds really interesting though, but doesn’t make much sense. I usually do follow those philosophy things, especially from different places, but for some reason I’ve never really thought of this when arranging my own room. My bed’s at the corner, and to my right is my window, and I can see the door fine I really have no idea what that really means anyway, haha.Your uncle seems shitty. My dad does the same thing to my mom, actually Hmm. I like how you stick up for your mom, and I would down-right insult him to his face (though that may or may not get me in trouble, haha.) I’m short-tempered like that. I just wouldn’t be able to stand it.

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