5 Pranešimai “Sparnuoti monstrai iš paralelinio pasaulio”

  1. Kriugeris-alfa-beta parašė:

    Mutavęs šikšnosparnis.va.

  2. sausainiux parašė:

    drakonai cx

    • Essie parašė:

      Debbie and I have a spreadhseet set up to keep track of submissions. Each story sits in a row, and two columns are filled in each time a story is sent out. The first records where and when it was sent, and the second is either filled with the date of rejection or the word &##;&6;accepted1882172. If rejected, move on to the next pair of columns…Then I highlight the accepted cells yellow so they stand out and make a neat pattern ;P

  3. neramus parašė:

    Jeepers Creepers 🙂

  4. Mildred parašė:

    You know what? I won't be leaving YouTube when I'll be forced to use the new channel design from July 15 on, but instead I'll install a nice Adkbocler… No optional old channel design? –> No more ads for me in the future, sorry. I will still be using your site, but I won't be generating any ad revenue for you.

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