4 Pranešimai “Dingusių pasaulių žemėlapiai”

  1. gogis parašė:

    tai koks cia bl pasaulis jeigu cia tik zemynas

    • Moon parašė:

      Thanks for your submission. Another issue is that being a pgpothraoher requires not only problems in taking award-winning photographs but in addition hardships in getting the best camera suited to your requirements and most especially problems in maintaining the standard of your camera. This is very accurate and visible for those photography addicts that are in capturing the actual nature’s engaging scenes : the mountains, the particular forests, the particular wild or maybe the seas. Visiting these daring places unquestionably requires a digital camera that can meet the wild’s tough areas.

  2. Alvydas parašė:

    nors čia viskas daug plačiau nei mano straipsnyje „Paslaptingoji Antarktida“, tačiau mintis ta pati. Taigi, ačiū…palaikote.

  3. y3yr parašė:

    O viskas nuplagijuota is knygos fingerprints of the gods

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