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    Gal jeigu ponai prieš dėdami straipsnį, paskaitytų youtube video aprašymą, nebūtų ir šio straipsnio.


    So, yes, it was us at NVIDIA. We set out to create something iconic to represent our engineers’ hard work on our just-announced Tegra K1 mobile processor. It’s nice to see we captured the imagination of a decent-size audience in the process.

    The pair you see in the video work at NVIDIA. And while it was meant to feel like a „Blair Witch“ discovery moment, we’re not expecting any Oscars. This was shot in one take – on a cell phone camera – before the circle was complete, so it provides just a limited view.

    The image in the circle is a pictograph of our new „impossibly advanced“ Tegra processor. It makes so many advances that, to us, it seems almost extraterrestrial. The image itself has the number 192 both in braille in the center and in the clock positions of the spheres orbiting the circle. 192 is, of course, the chip’s number of Kepler GPU cores (cores only seen in desktops, workstations and supercomputers up until now). We had revealed that fact back in July at the SIGGRAPH conference.

    We couldn’t have done this without the highly cooperative landowner in Chualar, Calif., who let us use the barley field that he planted to refresh the soil (which he was intending to mow this winter). We also got a lot of help from the warm, gracious local residents who helped us host this art. We can’t thank them all enough for their hospitality.

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    Čia beje kaip šis crop circle buvo padarytas.

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